Amsterdam↔Tokyo note project (8) part2 from my page

The 8th report PART2, Amsterdam↔Tokyo notebook project with my artist friend Suzanne Norrise living in Amsterdam.

I will introduce my page in part 2 this time.

<こちらはスザンヌの前のページ This is previous Suzanne’s page>


Suzanne and I are exchanging 2 sketchbooks.
We create anything we like on our each at any time, because there is “No Rule” and “No Pressure”.

Here’s our project background.

Amsterdam↔Tokyo note project (2)

<ノート右ページより The right side on my page>

<ノート左ページより The left side on my page>


Suzanne has lost her dear cat Gira last November. He was a Russian blue beautiful handsome cat, and always dignified. Actually, Gira was a knight protecting Suzanne though, he looked like a elegant King. When I heard that sad news, I didn’t know what to say to her because I understood it’s a deep sorrow and pain which I couldn’t imagine how hard it was for her.


I felt that I want to draw about Gira and Suzanne on next my page. But I also felt I shouldn’t do it soon. After that I’ve been busy for a while, so I transferred outline sketch on the notebook in earlier May.


However, suddenly I couldn’t do any my own work for my own issues about for 2 and a half month.
On of these days, I knew that Suzanne had a new sweet kitten for her family.
He is a beautiful kitten, Grayson as if Gira was born again.
Immediately, I added to draw this lovely cat in traced outline on my page.


in early July, finally I was able to have the time to go on notebook project. When I saw Suzanne and 2 her cats, I felt that this is the perfect shape for this painting.
If I was able to start in May, I couldn’t add Grayson….
I know it was my family reasons but at the same time, I feel that maybe…Gira hoped to draw Grayson on this page together.


Gira is warmly protecting Suzanne as a guardian angel forever, Suzanne is hugging him, and Grayson is sleeping in peace under Suzanne’s feet. The Three are together eternally.
My page was complete like this.


<スザンヌのフクロウに同じ星空を描きました I painted same starry sky with my page>

Suzanne painted a big mother owl who is watching out for forest safety on her previous page, and I added to paint on it same starry sky with my page. She is also witching everybody in my page, at edge of lower left, but she changes her shape a little. It’s a half owl and a half cat.

Let’s go 2 page back. it’s my page. Can you see a hollow tree on the right of the picture image?
I added a tiny blue kitten there. He looks back worriedly the way he came,

<グレイソンは私の前のページから歩き始めています Grayson started to walk from my previous page>

and at next page Suzanne painted, we can see a tiny kitten reflected in the eye of the Mother owl.
He looks where he is going. He never feel uneasy, because he knows his destination!

<そしてスザンヌのフクロウの前を抜けて前へ前へ and he passes before Suzanne’s owl eyes…keep going!>

And now, he is sleeping peacefully at Suzanne’s feet.
It takes a while to get to work this time. I’d like to believe that maybe this is better timing.

<子猫のグレイソン kitten Grayson>

<封筒の端に少しイラストを添えてオランダへと送りました I painted small illustration at the edge of the parcel >

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