“Ancient Trees” by Beth Moon


9月の誕生日にオランダに住む友人スザンヌさんからワクワクするようなギフトがいっぱい詰まったボックスをもらった中に入っていたBeth Moonさんという方の写真本”ancient trees”。

On my birthday on September, I received a package filled with exciting gifts from my friend Suzanne who lives in Netherlands. This picture book “Ancient Trees” by Beth Moon is a one of them.

以下のURLは”ancient trees”の本のサイトからのリンクです。

Each turn of a page, a magnificent ancient tree appears, I’m captivated by it, I’m getting a lot inspiration from trees. Apparently , there are a lot of ancient trees that it’s in in my brain in Great Britain, it was pleasantly surprised for me.
Someday I’d like to see the rial things. Following URL are from “Ancient trees” book’s site.



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