“ENcounter” 日本人版画家10人によるオーストラリアでの展覧会


ブリスベン在住の友人であり美術家であり版画家のKay Watanabeさんが企画されたオーストラリアの
ブリスベン/ケアンズでの展覧会「ENcounter/ 日本人版画家10人によるオーストラリアでの展覧会」が
6月24日〜29日、まずは先行のブリスベンにあるImpress Printmakers Studio Galleryにて開催されます。
参加作家10名(敬称略) Kay Watanabe、橋本尚恣、杉尾龍司、松田圭一郎、溝上幾久子、小川千明、内木場映子、かめもとみのり、唐津典子、林陽子となっております、

I’m participating the group exhibition
” ENcounter, An exhibition by 10 contemporary Japanese Printmakers ”
in Brisbane,Australia.
This Exhibition was planed and organized by Kay watanabe who is an artist and my friend, and living in Brisbane.
I put my 6 copper prints of various size for this event.

24-29 June, 2015 (10am to 5pm daily except till noon on the 29th)
Opening on Friday, 26 June (6pm)

At Impress Printmakers Studio Gallery,
Kedron SubArtStation,
134 Kedron Park Road, Wooloowin, Brisbane
(next to Kedron Park Hotel)

Participating artists:
Naotsugu Hashimoto, Yoko Hayashi, Minori Kamemoto, Noriko Karatsu, Keiichiro Mazda, Ikuko Mizokami, Chiaki Ogawa, Ryuji Sugio, Eiko Uchikoba (these nine artists live in Japan)
Kay Watanabe (Kay lives in Brisbane)

The secret lotus land
<出品作品の一つ”The secret lotus land” this is one of my works>


They will have the opening party on 26th Friday, and The consul of Japanese Consulate General in Brisbane will make a speech at the party.
now, we are glad to say that “Consulate-General of Japan, Brisbane” posted information about our group exhibition on their facebook page.
All of us are living in Japan except for Kay, so she fixed up all preparing for this event alone!
I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation to you, Kay, and I’m sorry indeed not to go to there.


<そしてこれも出品作品の一つ”meteor rabbit” and this is also one of my works>


We will have the joint exhibition on September with print makers of inkMasters it’s printing studio in Cairns.
However, It’s also difficult to go to there, because I will have my own exhibition at Itoya in Ginza on October….chill!


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